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The stairs were finished a little while ago, for ages we had to climb up the scaffolding which is really high at the front of the house.

No problem for the fearless builders and Rick but as I’m not good with heights it was hard!

No such worries now as the stairs are in, which makes such a difference, as access is so much easier.

As I’m going for a modern look I wanted concrete stairs with a glass balustrade.

These were the stairs and the shape that I wanted.

staircase Contemporary-Duplex-Penthouse-Intrior-redesign-concrete-stairs-and-funy-furniture-12

The ones that I wanted!!

But with budget etc., I have ended up with something more like this (below)!

These stairs are similar in finish to how ours will be.
Still achieving the same type of look, but not quite as originally planned. 
Oh well sometimes we have to compromise!

glass balustrade951299b9c2faa65f10928c5c2e00c675

Ours will look similar to this but with either stone, wood or marble on the treads.


Before the stairs went up we had to climb up the outside scaffolding! Being the wuss that I am I was petrified (I’m afraid of heights)!!

It’s a long way up! See the ladder between the metal levels one and two!


See the metal ladder near the top for getting into the first floor!


It’s a long drop down!!


Don’t look down!

Stairs go up, at last.

In Italy the builders are very stylish, they wear designer jeans!

In England it would be joggers and a builders bum!! Charming!


Stylish builders! The stairs going up!



What a relief.



The luxury of walking up stairs!!



Me and Robbie on our first walk up the stairs, a great moment indeed!


The next decision is what to put on the stair risers ? wood, concrete, tiles or stone or marble

What would you put?

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