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Since I moved to Italy I really appreciate my beautiful surroundings.

Where I live in a small town in Northern Italy we are surrounded by mountains.

I wake up and see mountains, clear blue sky and I breathe in fresh clean air.

Having lived in London for nearly 30 years I really appreciate this, as dingy, grey streets and polluted air are the norm in London.

As we all know there are many amazing parks, buildings and museums in London, but day to day life is normally quite damp, grey and rainy.

Of course it’s much easier to enjoy ¬†these views when you have them on your doorstep.

All I’m saying is wherever you are take a minute to drink in your surroundings, smell a fresh flower, take one hand off your iphone/ipad to look around and see something of the beauty that’s around you. If you look hard enough wherever you are you’ll find it!

Take a moment. Allow yourself, you’ll feel better!

Go on, go for it………….


These are all photos taken locally in and around Borgo Val Di Taro, Italy, where I live.



The sun setting, taken near Gotra.




Overlooking the mountains in Brunelli, just down the road from our new house.




The view from our dining room in the new house.




A view of the mountains as the sun sets, from our sitting room in the new house.



Do you ever take a moment, or are you too busy?

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