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As the weather remains warm here in Italy, unusually warm in fact for this time of year!

I’m not complaining about the sun I love it, but I need something to keep me motivated.

I know that we are getting there with the house but at the moment it feels like we will never get there!

I’m sure this is true for all builds, soon it will all start slotting into place.

Rick is doing all the preparation for the electrician and plumbers but it all feels a bit slow at the moment. Once this next phase of work is done we will get the internal rendering done, underfloor heating and then the windows put in.

So, as something pleasant to look at I have found some inspirational images of porticos to give me some ideas of what ours could look like…..

Here is our shell of a portico!



View from the boys room end of the portico.



View from the dining room end of the portico.


Hers’s what it might look like!!


portico, wooden table8cba98e001f2fc7b6c58dcdfd590f3cb

Rustic with great views!


portico 6, m oakes files as seen on linenandlavender net

A beautiful shaded area with lots of greenery.



Warm tones and a delicate statement chandelier make this an inviting place.


portico with bed,f793e15052cd748aa2cd8fd7e79816b1

Wouldn’t mind a nap in this cheeky little daybed!



Warm neutrals work well with the wood and stone for a relaxed vibe.


, pink flowers , portico2947d373a9f5a34d3f73e3630fc221dd

A stunning pool lays beyond this shady portico.


ibizia portico with pool,13891409544_0046e158a8_z

A modern portico, love the green chairs!


Do you like these? Do you like to relax on a portico?

Happy sitting/sleeping/eating/dancing on a portico!! I know I will be one day!!!


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