Hi my name is Kate Zucconi.

I’m an artist, wife and mother, part time house designer and lover of all things creative!

My journey began in London where I studied fashion. For many years I worked as a designer, my designs appeared in magazines such
as Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire.

About ten years ago I decided to switch direction and focus on my love of painting and illustration. It was inevitable that my successful fashion career and my love of fashion design inspires my work. Now I paint fashion and contemporary floral images with bold, dramatic lines and flashes of rich, vibrant colour.

Then two and a half years ago I moved to Italy to follow my dream lifestyle and become an earthy italian mamma! Now I live in a quaint, beautiful mountain town in northern Italy where I cook pizza and focaccia for my gorgeous Italian husband and two amazing boys.

I drink fresh cappuccino and the odd prosecco in the tranquil bars of the town. And when I paint I am surrounded by mountains, fresh air and blue sky’s.

My passions are interiors and all things retro. We are about to start building our dream house (but that’s another story)! I can’t wait to fill it up with beautiful things, retro furniture, restored italian furniture and flea market finds!

My outlook is positive, live for today and be thankful for all the important things in life like family and friends, and be grateful for all that we have! In the meantime I’m living like a local, salute!

So that’s me… tell me about you!

I will enjoy sharing my work with you – so please tell me your thoughts and comments – Contribute, ask me anything, rack my brains or just say hi!!